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I can do all things... through Christ!

Good and bad events will happen in our life but we must acknowledge the gift of life as an adventure no matter our circumstance. Rustam Nabiev says it best, “No matter the situation, you can overcome and change things for the better.” I appreciate his quote because he lives this message.

Who is Rustam Nabiev? A living example of how one can change their circumstances just by appreciating the gift of life. Back in 2015, Nabiev was a paratrooper for Russia and his barracks collapsed burying him overnight in rubble and killing 24 others. Upon his rescue, it was determined that he would have to live the rest of his life as a double amputee. He would have to learn how to manage life without his legs and managed HE DID!

Overtime Nabiev has been able to do the unbelievable by his desire to see his life as an adventure. Recently, he became the first double amputee to scale one of the world highest mountains, Manaslu. He also has climbed Mount Elbrus, parachuted, sledge ice hockey, became a girl dad, regained driving skills and a whole lot more all with the use of what he has left, his willpower, wife and weight.

I found his achievements and positive words to be very motivating and I am sure you will too. As we always share on our platform, seek you choices. He could have chosen to not embrace his life after the accident in 2015 but he chose to live in the freest place he could, his mind! From his mind, he dreamed and from his dreams he set goals that allowed him to experience life on another side of fear. If you are looking for more inspiration from Rustam Nabiev see his Instagram.

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