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Meet Emmanuel Tuloe!

A modern day King Solomn has arrived in Liberia. In Kings 3:9, Solomn ask the Lord for a discerning heart to govern the people and be able to distinguish between right and wrong. Well,

A honest,18 year old in Liberia named Emmanuel Tuloe found a bag with $100,000 in Liberian currency ($50,000) while he was driving his taxi motorcycle route. He choose right by faithfully returning the bag to the rightful owner without hesitation.

To give a little back story on him, Emmanuel had dropped out of school in the 7th grade so that he could financially help his family. His need for money encouraged him to desire an education, so he would not have work out of desperation. When asked what he wanted as a reward, he shared that he wanted the opportunity to finish his education and for the President to spread awareness to other children to not quit school (what servant).

In turn, he was rewarded by the happy owner of the bag, the President of Liberia and a HBCU in NC (Livingstone College) for his discernment!

On this side of fear, Emmanuel has $100,000+, choice to attend any school in Liberia up to a Masters level, full scholarship to a HBCU in NC, 2 new motorcycles, and a new mattress. The decision to do the right thing when no-one was looking, created several opportunities that will catapult his future. The discipline to deny yourself instant gratification for divine longevity makes the wait worth the while with Emmanuel’s example. Thank you!! I cannot wait to see the fruits of your labor.

post adapted from here.

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